About the artist

Silversmiths and metal artists have been creating beautiful and unique objects in New England since before America won its independence from England. From the early works of Paul Revere to the retro-contemporary vibe of the Jewelry District in Providence, RI and the SoWa Art & Design District in Boston, New England has been the hub of the creative design of metal art in the US.

I am proud to be a continuing part of that tradition. My collection of unique hand-crafted wearable art and outdoor sculptures often incorporates upcycled metal and found objects that are found or scavenged from recycling centers and metal yards around New England, or from the end-cuts and errors tossed into recycling bins by my fellow artists at the MetalWerx school and Studio in Waltham, MA.

Each object I create is a one-of-a-kind sculptural showpiece, often inspiring smiles or exclamations of joy. My “Tiny Tales” creations, each set in a unique tableau, invite the wearer to generate stories that create a personal connection between themself and the art.

“Passing the Torch (and other equipment) to the next generation. My oldest grandson LOVES to do this!”

Destination? Installation!

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