Found Metal Welded Sculptures

My welded sculptures vary in size from table-top pieces to larger than life humanoid/android figures designed to be installed outdoors in gardens, yards and sculpture parks. I am an obsessive collector of found objects and rusty metal elements which I find at barn sales, or which I rescue from the smelter at local transfer stations. Friends often gift me with rusty treasures that find their way into my creations, becoming an important element in the whole creation, only to be identified upon close examination.

Often, as I look over my ever-changing piles and stacks of rusty metal or artifacts from an earlier time, it’s as if the pieces call out to me. Sometimes I hear them whisper “Use ME! Give me new life! Change my destiny!” I am unable to resist their siren call. One piece is joined to another, another, and another…and then Behold! There is Life!

(Ok, so maybe it’s not that dramatic, but that’s the way it feels!). Sometimes my creations are humorous and sometimes they are ominous. I invite to take a look and decide for yourself.

Please note that I do not sell the sculptures from this site. If you’d like to learn more about my welded art, or arrange a purchase, contact me here.

Designed and Fabricated at The Firehouse Welding Studio in Antrim, NH

“Passing the Torch (and other equipment) to the next generation. My oldest grandson LOVES to do this!”


Prehistoric Bird


In ancient Rome, emblems, banners and flags were attached to a tall pole called a signum (standard). These were carried by a “signifier” or standard bearer, and were used to identify the military group at its base. My “standards” pay homage to this tradition, but are created from a variety of found objects, as you will see on close inspection. They are meant to be installed in the ground, and range in height from 8 to 12 feet. They are adorned with hand-crafted weather-resistant grosgrain ribbons, attached with rust-proof fishing swivels that allow them to catch the breeze and twist in the wind, giving these sculptures an elegant and regal appearance. They look great on a small hill or next to a body of water. They are untreated steel and will continue to rust, maintaining the patina of age that bespeaks their heritage.

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